About Us

We make sh*t look good! Honestly, that's it. We primarily work with eCommerce brands, twist our arm though and we'll shoot just about anything.

oh shoot is the love affair of a creative bunch of people who, for years, had been running other people’s advertising with images that we didn’t create; which of course would have looked better if we had shot them.

You see, we are not new to the photo or video game. In fact, we are decades-old behind the camera, we’ve just spent the last few years honing other skills & growing an agency.

Right now, oh shoot is your go-to studio for product photography, bangin’ video content, eCommerce studio shoots, model projects, on-location productions, and anything else in between. 

We make shit look good and take your creative ideas and collaboratively bring them to life!

We are based on the Gold Coast, Australia, but we will shoot products from all over the world.

Got any questions about how we can be a part of your project?


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