5 Inexpensive things you need for AMAZING Product Photography!

Are you an e-commerce business owner who’s struggling to get decent product photography for your website and social media? Eyes here!

As the famous song goes, a picture paints a thousand words and it’s much more evident in the world of online shopping. 

In the digital space, customers decide to buy your product in the first three seconds of seeing its photo. Ugh yes, three short seconds.

So how do you dominate this highly visual and dynamic marketplace? 

Simple, by embedding scroll-stopping product photography on your online shop or e-commerce store. 

Don’t worry, we are not leaving you alone with this journey. Below are some tips we have compiled for you to take eye-catching photos without breaking the bank.

1. Household clips or clamps 

If you’ve had your online store for a while, you know that taking product photos can be time-consuming. 

Yes, product photography is the lifeblood of the E-commerce world and having a stunning product catalogue in your shop is compulsory to get a steady stream of high sales and repeat buyers.

But all that running back and forth is stressful. 

You have to hold products nicely, keep backdrops in place; all while holding the camera at the perfect angle.

Exhausting, right? Nod if you agree. 

Then you will love using these clips and clamps! They come in many sizes, though they look bigger than ordinary clothes clips.

The clips can hold the paper down for you and keep your products and props in place. Talk about versatility and handiness in one small and powerful tool.

Get what we use here: https://amzn.to/3djXSib

TIP: You can easily find these clamps at any local store or hardware near you. But if you are here in Australia, you can get them per pack of 16 at Bunnings for a very low price point.

2. Nylon Thread for Fishing

One of the wonders of product photography for e-commerce is how products seem to ballet their way across your screens. The objects float gracefully and they look so achingly beautiful that you just have to buy them.

Curious what the secret is? Nylon thread or more commonly known as fishing line.

Use them on your product photography and get that floating effect anytime, without a visible line. They are super easy to use. You can hang as many props around your items as you like and it’s okay because they’re super durable. They are lightweight and cost only $3 a rim. Ha! Cheap, right?

You can easily remove the fishing line from your pictures via Lightroom or Photoshop or use After effects if you are doing product videography.

We are telling you, the fishing line is a game-changer in any E-commerce shop front.

3. Lighting Magic

Getting that perfect light is the holy grail of product photography.

Whether you like it or not, it can make or break your product image, so this is an investment you should not skip out on.

Lucky for you, we have just the techniques to get that lighting just right for any image!

Styrofoam or foam core 

These are boards of white polystyrene plastic material used in food packaging, appliances, or lab equipment. They are cheap and are available almost anywhere.

Since they come in broad sizes, you can cut them any way you want. Styrofoam is great for modifying and bouncing lights and putting a spotlight on your product. Foam core is best in areas with rather dim lighting. This humble material, though cheap, can take your photos to the next level.

Lighting Diffusers

These are semi-transparent covers that spread out light to reduce harsh shadows and reflections. They are usually thin plastic and clip onto the front of any lighting setup.

A lighting diffuser acts as a barrier between the light source and your subject so they diffuse the light source for a softer glow.

Most of the time, light diffusers remove shiny reflections of light that glare on your product photos and take away from just how amazing your product is.

Get what we use here: https://amzn.to/3dmUG5s

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